Naren Dambawinne : Managing Director

Counts over 35 years in the Tea Trade of which 12 years was at Somerville & Co Ltd and relinquished duties as Director and joined Mercantile Brokers Limited as Director - Tea in 1992. Served Mercantile Produce Brokers (Pvt) Ltd for 23 years, of which the last 14 years as its Managing Director. Has an excellent knowledge of Tea and is responsible for Grading, Tasting, Auctioning and Marketing of tea. He has been a past Convener of the Tea Sub-Committee in 1988/89, 2002/03 and also the Broker Representative on the Committee of the CTTA in 1989 and 2007/2008. He has also been a Surveyor for export of tea, appointed by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. He was appointed as a Member of the Tea Council by the Hon. Minister of Plantation Industries 1996. Was appointed Deputy Chairman, Colombo Brokers Association for 2004/2005 and 2005/2006. He was the Chairman, Colombo Brokers Association for 2007/2008, Chairman, Tea Association of Sri Lanka for 2007/2008. Served as Director, Sri Lanka Tea Board for 2007/2008. He has also been a member of the Committee of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce 2004/2005, 2007/2008, 2011/2012, 2012/2013, 2015/2016 & 2016/2017. He currently serves on the Committee related to Plantations Sector appointed by The Minister of Public Enterprise Development.


Senaka Amarasuriya : Director /CEO

Mr. Amarasuriya commenced his carrier in tea at Bartleet & Co. Ltd in 1980 where he has been involved in the Broking operation up to 1986.  Thereafter Mr. Amarasuriya has worked in two leading firms of Tea Exporters i.e. M/S. Hebtulabhoy & Co. Ltd and Stassen Exports Ltd up to 1998.  He gained tremendous experience in the trading aspect of tea and also had exposure to the international market requirements for Ceylon Tea whilst working with the Tea Exporter Firms.  Since 1998 he was attached to Forbes & Walker Ltd where he specialized in the handling of their Low Grown clientele. Prior to Mr. Amarasuriya joining us, he was a Director at Forbes & Walker Tea Brokers (Pvt) Ltd.


Malik Wafa : Director /COO

Has been a senior Executive and Per Pro of Bartleet & Co. Ltd where he was actively involved in Tea Broking, Auctioneering, Tasting and Valuing of Teas of all elevations.  He has specialized in the teas of Low Grown elevation and his experience spreads over a period of 25 years.  He has been overlooking the activities of Stores and Tea Sample Room for over nine years and has an in-depth knowledge of the connected procedures.


Jehan Algama : Director

42 years experience in the Tea Industry as a Broker, Auctioneer, Tea Taster and Valuer.  Has been the Senior Director of Somerville & Co., Ltd up to end March, 2003.  He has served Convenor of the CBA, and has also served two consecutive terms as Deputy Chairman of the Colombo Brokers Association. In addition, he has served on the CTTA’s sub committee to review bye-laws and conditions of Sale of Tea by Auction and, has been an Active Committee Member of The Colombo Tea Traders’ Association for four terms. He is associated with the “Expert Panel of Tea Tasters” appointed by the Sri Lanka Tea Board to monitor quality of tea auction offerings and also to approve Direct Sales and evaluate teas imported by Buyers for the purpose of blending and exporting.  Has been a Surveyor for Tea of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Algama has been a past Chairman of The Colombo Brokers’ Association as well as a Director of The Sri Lanka Tea Board. He has also been appointed as a member of the Advisory Committee on Tea Sector of the Sri Lanka Export Development Board by the Minister of Industry and Commerce for three years from July 2013 on wards.



D. Ramakrishna : Per Pro

 Joined Plantations sector in 1984. Commenced with the JEDB as Assistant Manager at Panawatte, Halpe, Abbotsleigh and later Kirkoswald Estate with Madulsima Plantations as  Senior Assistant Manager and subsequently joined Kelani Valley Plantations as  Manager Batalagala, Fordyce and Ingestre estates. Thereafter appointed as Deputy General Manager for the Hatton Group of Estates for Kelani Valley Plantations Ltd. and later as Deputy General Manager of the Nuwara Eliya Group of Estates whilst being Manager of Pedro Estate. Has a wide knowledge and experience of Tea Manufacture and good agricultural practices, and has successfully completed Tea manufacture exam conducted by the National Institution of Plantation Management.


Kolitha Rodrigo : Chief Financial Officer

Started his carrier in one of the International “Big Six” Accounting Firms & thereafter gained over 25 yrs of hands-on experience in Accounting, Treasury & Financial Management as Group Financial Controller/ CFO/ Finance Director in a diversified group with several Listed Companies. Was a senior resource personnel of the Fiscal Committee of Tourist Hotelier’s Association of Sri Lanka for a period of 3 yrs, ending Oct 2004, and has also as gained an in-depth understanding on the negotiation of Domestic & International transactions, and Contacting.


Served for over 10 yrs, at a well-respected CBSL registered, Finance Company with a prime rating as it’s Finance Director. He also functioned as the Financial Consultant / Advisor to the Board, of a Premier plastic water storage manufacture for 6 yrs.


Has was invited to the Board as the Director/CEO of an Apparel Exporter for a period of 3 ½ yrs, and prior to joining us, he was the GM-Financial Planning, in a conglomerate in the Power & Energy sector.



Manager (Tea Manufacture)Mannapperuma D.N.K.

Mr. Mannapperuma has joined us with 30 years experience behind him in the field of Factory management and Tea Manufacture.  In addition, he has handled the maintenance and repairs of tea factory machinery when he was attached Mech Engineering Company.  Has also wide experience in the Low Grown type of manufacture and has been recognized in the past for many achievements by way of realizing top prices as well as his practical approach to manufacture.

Mr. Mannapperuma is currently based in the Southern Province where he is in a position to pay regular visits at short notice to the LCBL clientele based in the Southern Province. Prior to joining LCBL, Mr. Mannapperuma has been superintendent of Mawarella & Walahanduwa estates.



Haroon Musafer : Consultant (Tea)

Over 30 years experience as a Tea Broker. Commenced career as a Trainee Tea Taster/Broker at M/s. Bartleet & Co Ltd. in 1980, was promoted Manager in 1990 and General Manager in 1997 until 2005. He has also visited the London and Calcutta Tea Auction Centers and Dubai Tea Trading Centre. Prior to joining LCBL, he has worked in Dubai and Malaysia as a Consultant for Tea Exports. He is involved in the sale of High & Medium Grown Teas and is a Marketing Specialist for Ex-Estate teas from the different Agro-Climatic regions.


Kaushal M. Wickremanayake : Consultant - Operations & Logistics

Mr. Wickremanayake entered the tea trade in 1983 at Somerville & Co Ltd, and has worked with well reputed companies such as Sri Lanka state Plantation Cooperation, Pussellawa Plantations Ltd, Balangoda Plantations Ltd from 1983/1997. He has overseas experience of 15 years working in Malawi one of the major emerging tea producers in Southern Africa. He is well experienced and exposed in Brokering, warehousing and in Plantation Management locally and internationally.


M G De’S Jayasinghe : General Manager - Marketing

Mr. Jayasinghe has joined us after several years’ experience in Tea Broking Firms i.e. Somerville & Co. Ltd., and Bartleet Produce Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. Prior to his involvement in Broking, he has been working as Assistant Superintendent of Kenilworth Tea Estate, owned and managed by Watawala Plantations Ltd. He has specialized in the marketing of Low Grown teas with special emphasis on tippy grades. Besides, Mr. Jayasinghe has much experience in warehousing of Teas and Sample Room Functions.  Mr. Jayasinghe is the Convener – Tea Sub Committee of the Colombo Brokers’ Association and is in charge of all Operations connected to the cataloguing of tea and the conduct for the weekly Tea Auctions.


Manjula Perera : Senior Manager

Counts 21 years experience in the Broking field, and has been actively involved in the Auction procedures, as well as interacting with leading buyers and passing on relevant information as regards adjustments to manufacture to Tea Producers. Has also been involved in Factory visits and is capable of guiding the Producers on current market trends and ways and means of catering to such market requirements with a view to maximizing Estate income. Has a wide knowledge of conducting Tea Sales, and is actively involved in the selling of Tea at the Colombo Auctions.



D Viraj H Wellala : Manager (Tea)

Mr. Wellala has joined LCBL with a wealth of experience behind him.  He has worked 9 years in two Broking Firms i.e. Somerville & Co. Ltd. and Bartleet & Co. Ltd. He also has worked at Akbar Brothers for 6 years as a Buyer/Trader responsible for the High & Medium, Supplementary and Dust catalogues. He is actively involved with the sale and marketing of High & Medium elevation teas.


Ravinatha Thalgahagoda : Manager (Tea)

Has joined LCBL as a Trainee-Tea Executive in May, 2010, and has undergone training in tea stores, tea sampling department, cataloguing department and tea department. Mr. Thalgahagoda has trained under Senior Executives and has accompanied our Manufacturing Advisors on their estate visits and has been exposed to tea manufacture in factories of all three elevations. He has been handling the sale of Off Grades and now moved on to sell the Low Grown Leafy grade catalogue.



W. L. K. Madawala : Manager Operations

 27 years’ experience in Tea Cataloguing & Warehousing. Began carrier at Mercantile Produce Brokers Ltd in 1987/2012. Currently, Manager Operations at Lanka Commodity Brokers Ltd in charge of warehousing operations, cataloguing & claims.



Indika Attanayake : Assistant Manager (Tea)

Has been associated with the industry from 2001. During this period he was attached to another firm of Brokers in the capacity of Junior Executive handling the sale of Off Grades, Dusts and Main Sale catalogues. He joined LCBL in 2010 and is involved in the marketing of some of the Main Sale catalogues in addition to interacting with clients to provide market information.   He is also involved in regular factory visits and currently covers our factories in the Sabaragamuwa and Central province. He handles the sales of both the Ex-Estate and Dust catalogues, and is involved in carrying out regular “Workshops” for Estate Superintendents.



Roshan Bopeththa : Assistant Manager (Tea)

Has joined LCBL as a Trainee-Tea Executive in January, 2007 and has since been appointed to the post of Junior Executive-Tea Department. Mr. Bopeththa is involved in conveying sales information and also assists the Senior Executives when they carryout tea tasting sessions. He is also involved in estates visits, and he is specially in-charge of the sale of BMF to Ceytea Agrapatne. He is now engaged with the handling of the auctioneering of the Off Grade and BOP1A catalogues.



Kasun Athukorala : Junior Executive (Tea)

Joined LCBL as a Trainee Tea Executive in June, 2011 and has undergone extensive training in the Warehouse Section, Teas Sampling Department, Cataloguing Department and The Tea Department. Mr. Athukorala was trained under the Managers and his program of training was overlooked by the Director Tea. Mr. Athukorala is currently in charge of the Dust Catalogue and is performing to the highest satisfaction of our clients.  He visits tea factories and guides the Estate Managers on market requirements.



Chinthaka Liyanage : Junior Executive (Tea)

Joined LCBL as a Trainee Tea Executive in November, 2013 and was subsequently appointed as a Junior Executive. He has a gained a fair knowledge on teas of High & Medium and Low Grown elevations following visits to the factories with the Senior Advisors. He sells the “BOP1A” catalogue and assists in the sale of Off Grades catalogue. He is also in charge of the sale of BMF to Ceytea, Agarapathana.


Gimhana Wijayabahu : Junior Executive (Tea)

Mr. Wijayabahu joined LCBL as a “Management Trainee” in 2015 and has received wide exposure in all departments within the Company, including Warehousing, Tea Sample Room, Cataloguing, Tea Tasting Room and finally the Tea Department itself.  He was introduced in to the BOP1A Catalogue under a Senior Executive and later was able independently handle the sale of this catalogue.  His marketing skills have since been recognized by the management and he has moved on to assist in the sale of the Low Grown Tippy/Small Leaf catalogue.  He is also an active member of our team of Executives that visit Tea Factories.


Dileepa Neligama : Junior Executive (Tea)

Has joined LCBL as Trainee – Tea Executive in January, 2007 and has undergone training in Tea stores, Tea sampling department, Cataloguing department and Tea Department.  Mr. Neligama is involved in conveying sales information and also assists the Managers when they carry-out tea tasting sessions.  He is also involved in estate visits, and is specially in-charge of Golden and Silver Tips and Specialty Tea sales.  He is now engaged with the auctioneering of the DUST catalogue.