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Lanka Commodity Brokers Ltd commenced business in 2003 and the maiden catalogue was put up for auction on 01st/02nd July, 2003 with a modest 164 lots on offer. Since that time, the Company has grown within a short space of under 15 years to become a leading broker offering up to 2500 lots per week at Colombo Tea Auctions. Lanka Commodity Brokers Ltd has a market share of 13% in the Main Sale High & Medium section of the sale and also controls 16% of the Low Grown catalogue. The Total Market Share of LCBL is now 14%. LCBL also has acquired controlling interests of another firm of Tea Brokers with a market share of 15.25% and therefore has an overall market share of 29.25%. The specialist strength of the Company is derived from the expertise of a highly skilled and talented team of professionals who have been head hunted from amongst the long-established firms of brokers. Additionally, the Company offers expert advice on Tea Manufacturing. The Company offers an unparalleled service to its clients with state of the art warehousing facilities, cutting-edge marketing advice to clients, long and short term financial assistance and expert manufacture and technical advice to its clientele. LCBL also has a working arrangement with a well recognized Commercial Bank as well as a large Insurance Company through which the clientele of LCBL is in a position to obtain credit facilities and factory insurance at highly competitive rates.

Directors from right to left

Mr. Malik Wafa , Mr. Senaka Amarasuriya , Mr. Jehan Algama

Lanka Commodity Brokers Ltd is a limited liability Company incorporated and domiciled in Sri Lanka. The registered office of the Company is located in Colombo, and the principal Place of business is situated at 70 & 72, Maligakanda Road, Colombo-10.

Principal Activities. The principal activities of the Company are tea, rubber and sundry procuce brokering and providing financial accomodation for the produce suppliers in respect of the above services.

Mr.Naren Dambawinne

The collective experience of LCBL team is well in excess of 100 years which only one other Broking Company can be proud of. We strongly believe in the dictum "The Client is King".Our service is personalized and we strive harder than the other Brokers in Sri Lanka. It is with this success and confidence that we look into the future to play a vital and aggressive role as an independent Broker, internationally.

Our team at LCBL has been individually head-hunted and handpicked and we are truly proud to have been able to put together a set of dynamic professionals, who have fast earned the reputation of being the best in the Broking fraternity. The understanding and caring attitude adopted by our staff has contributed immensely to our success. This approach to Tea Broking has been amply illustrated by the admirable growth we have achieved, competing with others who had been in the field for over 75-100 years.

We at LCBL manage well in excess 125,000 sq ft of modern warehouse space catering to our valued producers and buyers. These warehouses are approved and regularly inspected by both Sri Lanka Tea Board (SLTB) and Colombo Tea Traders Association (CTTA) for compliance with industry standards.

It is a fortuitous coincidence that more than 70% of LCBL is weekly offerings in the Tea Auction Catalogues are purchased by local buyers for Blending and Export to the Middle East, the CIS, EU and other Gulf countries. The Tea Catalogue of LCBL has fast earned a reputation of having the best available mix of Teas from the Low Grown & Medium Grown elevations. LCBL is truly proud of this achievement which is a result of hands on manufacturing and marketing advice being made available to its clientele through our highly skilled and knowledgeable team of professionals some of whom are based in the tea Growing districts to facilitate a more efficient and timely service.

The career tea taster develops a very sensitive palate and will have had a 5 to 7 year apprenticeship often spread over several producing countries. He (for they are almost always male) is able to identify a tea's country of origin and the season when it was harvested, and often the name of the production unit. He can judge quality and value. His tasting speed is legendary: sipping, slurping and spitting up to 300 teas an hour.

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